Welcome to The Norwegian National Rally 2024

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Welcome to The Norwegian National Rally 2024

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ear fellow Land Rover friends

This year the Rogaland Club invites you to our rally at Bore Strandcamping. The campground is by the beachfront at Bore in Klepp municipality. It is owned and run by Rein Bore, who has been most helpful with making arrangements. We will have our own designated area of the campsite where we can mostly do as we please. There is a surf school nearby where you can take surf classes and rent equipment. There is also a restaurant close to our common area.

This is a traditional rally, including excursions during the day, a communal tent, and barbecues in the evening. There will also be a separate tent for youth and children to romp in, and we are working on a program for the youth who join us this year. There will be excursions during the day with a lead vehicle, as well as suggested routes to attractions and places of interest for those who desire alternatives.

As far as suggestions for places in our district that you may explore on your own, may we suggest T. Stangeland Maskin AS (museum of construction machinery), Rogaland Bilmuseum in Klepp (car museum), the Science Museum in Sandnes (very hands-on for kids!), the Jær Museum (agricultural history from our area - and more!), the Obrestad Lighthouse, and Hå Gamle Prestegård (great place for lunch and a walk on the coast).
Ideas for excursions and suggestions for places to visit are still a work in progress!

There will also be an opportunity to drive up the mountain and use our off-road track in Hommersåk. We are also trying to arrange a visit to Motorcenter Norway in Sokndal, where there is an off-road area, but also asphalt racing track, motocross hall and go-cart track.

Available for purchase in our communal tent will be coffee and waffles (it’s Norway, right?!), but hopefully also some hot food items depending on our capacity/logistics. Fresh rolls will be available to order for breakfast and we are trying to arrange a coffee deal.

There will be sound equipment available, so if anyone wishes to contribute musically in the evening, they are most welcome. We will of course arrange quizzes and such, and are planning a “ladies evening” as well.

https://www.nlrk.no/informasjon/nyheter ... 43900&af=1&

Registration is here.
https://norsk-landrover-klubb-avd-rogal ... 3370779004

Kind regards

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